Shark Diving with FeelActivepl Around the World Highlights These Amazingly Majestic Creatures

The Global High Seas Marine Preserve is seeking to ban industrial and commercial fishing on the high seas because top-of-the-food-chain predators, like sharks, are being fished out of existence. Sharks have survived everything for 400 millions years and now they are being hunted to extinction to make soup. Upwards of 70-millions sharks are slaughtered annually for their fins to make Shark Fin Soup, consumed mainly in China, that is dependent on the generous use of spices and various animal fats for its unique taste. Shark fins by themselves are an unremarkable piece of meat. 

This rather strange dish has been a status symbol in China since the Ming Dynasty and now, with new found wealth aided by industrial fishing techniques, consumption has increased dramatically in The Middle Kingdom. Shark Fins are traded worldwide and awareness of the crisis is finally causing organizations and governments to outlaw trading in them and advocating to halt Shark Finning as a fishing practice. Hong Kong is the primary transit point for Shark Fins entering China and come from all over the world, including a number of port cities in the United States like Savannah, Georgia and Los Angeles. 

Shark Diving Bahamas: The film of the expedition organized by on sharks, to the Bahamas in March 2014. They were lucky to dive with Tiger, Lemon and various Caribbean sharks while visited two islands of Nassau and Grand Bahama.

Video organized by diving expedition to the Galapagos in January 2014 to dive with a school of hammerhead sharks in the islands Darwin and Wolf, the whale shark (Whale shark) and silky sharks (Silky shark) and Galapagoskie (Galapagos shark). They also with marine iguanas near the island of Fernandina.


We invite Polish companies to cooperate. As a PADI instructors and tour operators tourist and diving, we offer you and your employees and customers foreign trips of an integration and incentive. The main attraction of the trips will be diving, diving training and the PADI system, in tropical and warm waters around the world!

Diving is a wonderful discipline that brings people together fantastically, becoming their common passion. We guarantee an unforgettable experience! In between dives, you can organize a variety of activities: sightseeing tours, sports, parties, etc…We refer to our original program, diving trips and expeditions films Feel Active,pl. In most of these places we can organize company trips. As instructors PZN addition to diving, we also organize foreign SKI TRIPS. Our sample destinations include: Maldives, Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia, Belize, Bahamas, Cuba, United States, Azores, Madagascar, Mozambique, Mexico, Australia and Oceania. Welcome!

Film attendance at expedition to the southern Maldives. The tour included atolls South Male, Vaavu, Meemu, Thaa, Laamu and Huvadhoo. During the safari they saw a Whale shark on a night dive, and six other species of sharks: White tip reef shark, black tip reef shark, Nurse shark, Hammerhead Scalopped, Bowmouth guitarshark, Gray reef shark. In addition to sharks were many species of stingrays.