Industrial Overfishing Videos Show Why Global High Seas Marine Preserve is Needed

Enlargeable banner logo of Space and Ocean Exploration by Danny Quintana and the Global High Seas Marine Preserve.Overfishing by industrial trawlers is getting more prevalent and the ships are getting larger and more efficient at their various tasks. Some rival cruise ships in size and their ability to strip the oceans of marine life is hastening the collapse of major fisheries as they pick up their intended target, often bringing in 50 or 100 tons of fish, along with the by-catch which is discarded and often contains turtles, dolphins and other endangered species. From the start the Global High Seas Marine Preserve has sought to ban industrial and destructive harvesting of marine life around the world in order to stave off, should it continue, the inevitable collapse of fish stocks, ocean ecosystems, coral reefs and a major major aspect of human food supply and economic activity.

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