Ocean Research: The Importance of Ocean Research and Institutions Involved

Research and exploration of the world’s oceans, rivers, lakes and waterways is vital for the understanding of how Earth’s complex and varied ecosystems operate and thrive. Technological advances have opened the oceans and shown the world creatures of the extreme deep and the shallow coral reefs, magnificent fish like the Bluefin Tuna swimming at full speed or tiny seahorses flitting about colorful ocean fauna or deadly Great White Sharks or Killer Whales hunting and taking down large prey.

Unfortunately, equal to our need to understand the oceans has become the need to discern how human activity is adversely effecting marine populations, coral reefs and ecosystems. Danny Quintana, founder of the Global High Seas Marine Preserve, a non-profit dedicated to saving the oceans, depended on the findings of research institutions, public and private, and when writing the book which inspired founding the GHSMP.