Danny Quintana Radio Show Videos on Jiggy Jaguar Syndicated Radio Show

Talkers Magazine Banner with James Lowe's Jiggy Jaguar Radio show as part of Frontier Fifty 2013.James Lowe’s Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show is syndicated around the United States  and Danny Quintana has been a frequent guest on the show over the years. Below are Radio Show Videos from Danny’s appearance talking with James about the Global High Seas Marine Preserve and his book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex and saving the oceans and wildlife so important for marine ecosystems around the world. 

It was during the writing of the Space & Ocean Exploration book that Danny Quintana came to realize just how truly dire the situation of the ocean fisheries and ecosystems had become in recent decades. Unchecked industrial fishing for nearly 50 years had laid waste to vast marine populations throughout the world, completely wiping out regional fisheries or species. Now is the time to stop all industrial fishing or disaster will surely visit out world.