Danny Quintana Radio Show Podcasts on James Lowe’s Syndicated Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show

Logo of James Lowe's Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show  on KJAG Radio. The Show is syndicated nationwide. Danny Quintana Radio Show Podcast from his interview with James Lowe on the syndicated Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show, KJAG, discussing a wide range of issues related to the crisis of overfishing the oceans and threat it poses to marine ecosystems, the Earth’s environment and human life. James Lowe has interviewed Danny Quintana many times and this interview proves an important one in getting the message out to the public that industrial and commercial fishing must be banned from the high seas. During the writing of his latest book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex and saving the oceans and marine wildlife. Below is the playlist of the 10 edited podcasts from the show, click on a track and the next will play automatically. 

The topics tackled in the interview include educating the public on demanding and only buying seafood products from sustainable sources, how top marine predators like tuna, whales and sharks are being fished out of existence and how easily we could face mass starvation in undeveloped countries dependent on fishing, economic chaos and war if nothing is done to reverse the decline. Listen and you will be educated on the issues at hand.