Boycott Seafood Products to Kill Industrial & Commercial Fishing by Danny Quintana

We must send a message. The governments of the world and the giant fishing companies are emptying out the oceans and killing the wildlife on land. They just don’t care. If they did, these governments would fund protection of wildlife both on land and in the oceans.

Hit them where it hurts—hit their wallets and they will listen. On Saturday, April 22nd, 2017—do not buy anything. If the governments and businesses of the world are going to kill the wildlife on land and in the oceans- there will be an economic price. You the consumer are more powerful then these people who do not care about the natural world but only about money and power. Their lust for money is the root of all evil. Take their money away and they are powerless. Join us for a Global Boycott on Earth Day to Save the Wildlife. We are stewards of the Earth- we will win this battle.

Half of the wildlife in the oceans has been slaughtered and 90 percent of the predator fish have been killed off. The Asian nations are killing over 100 million sharks annually for shark fin soup. Dolphins and whales continued to hunted, rhinos, elephants, walrus, tigers, no animal is safe. Pollution on land and sea as well as a decrease in land area is crushing the wild. Our present course is a path to disaster.

We have two choices: we can continue our present path to the total destruction of the wildlife on land and in the oceans or we can stop the slaughter. Our best choice is to stop the slaughter. How can we go up against the governments of the world who just don’t care about the wildlife? We can stop them with our wallets.

The global fishing industry is a mere $80 Billion a year. It is a tiny. WalMart has gross revenue of over $440 billion annually. Home Depot has annual gross revenues of $93 Billion. The value of the ivory trade is approximately $1 billion annually. The price of the animals and plants being exterminated cannot be measured in dollars. A giant Redwood tree that is thousands of years old is priceless. We cannot place a dollar value on a wild elephant, a blue whale, a shark, Blue Fin Tuna, walrus and the various other species and various plants being destroyed globally for money. But we can take away the money of the people in charge and make them pay for their environmental crimes to our great Earth Mother.

One thing governments and industry clearly understand, if you hit them in their wallets, they remember it. Protests do NOTHING but get young people tear gassed and thrown in jail. Writing letters to your congressman and senators is effective as peeing into the wind. You will feel relieved but you will not make a change in policy.

The slaughter must stop. By 2050 the land and oceans will be empty of wild life but full of garbage and concrete edifices that are becoming the new deities. It does not have to end this way. We humans saved the buffalo from collapse. We can save the wildlife from destruction by bringing attention to this issue. This is one environmental battle we can clearly win. The entire global fishing industry is small- approximately $80 billion annually according the United Nations Farm and Agricultural Organization. A global boycott will cost these countries $180 Billion in ONE DAY- Earth Day. The ivory trade will end when the Asian nations suffer monetarily.