Boycott China, Fishing in Territorial Waters, Shark Finning, Overfishing, Endangered Species & Reef Destruction, Polluter

CHINA: Now that the Chinese have the third largest economy on the planet, their public have the mistaken idea that cutting a shark’s fins off for shark fin soup is a sign of prestige, over 100,000,000 sharks are being needlessly slaughtered. A true sign of prestige is having the intelligence to work to save the life on this tiny planet. This is the same country that is killing elephants for ivory, tigers for their testicles, rhinos for their horns and is emitting massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. From the folks who bring you Christmas, lets give them a present- an Earth Day Boycott of Chinese goods and services. Boycott China save the wildlife.

 Chinese Fishing Ship Sunk by Argentina’s Coast Guard
Russian Coast Guard Fires at Chinese Boat

On Saturday, April 22nd, Earth Day—do not buy and products or services from the Chinese. With an $19 Trillion GDP, this one-day boycott will cost the Chinese over $52 Billion. With these kind of losses, their government will change policy and stop killing the wildlife.