Boycott Canada, Dangerous Salmon Farming & Policies Which Kill Natural Fisheries

CANADA: The government of Canada knows that farm raised salmon stocks contain diseases and contaminate wild stocks. Also, in order to raise a predator fish like salmon, you have to use small catch from half way across the world. Two fisheries are thus damaged and destroyed. When you look back at the collapse of the cod fisheries in the Atlantic, you realize that the Canadian government acted too late to stop the slaughter. Don’t buy farm raised salmon. It is an environmental disaster that destroys the wild stocks and small fisheries in other parts of the world.

What happened to the Grand Banks cod? In 1992, one of the largest stocks of fish in the world, fished for over 500 years, went almost extinct and to this day have not returned in commercially viable levels. What is it specifically that create tragedies like this? How have other countries avoided overfishing?