Danny Quintana, Founder GHSMP & Author of Space & Ocean Exploration

Danny Quintana, Founder Global High Seas Marine Preserve, environmental activist and author of Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial ComplexDanny Quintana, founder of the Global High Seas Marine Preserve, has worked on a number of campaigns for various worthy causes during his nearly four decades practicing law in Salt Lake City. He helped a number of Native American tribes with land disputes and use issues, a campaign to stop the MX ballistic missile system and he has handled thousands of immigration cases.

Enlargeable banner logo of Space and Ocean Exploration by Danny Quintana and the Global High Seas Marine Preserve.The central theme of his fifth (see other titles below) and latest book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex, advocates diverting a portion of the U.S. Defense Budget for ocean and space exploration in order to help the environment and further the discovery of new worlds and the attendant technological advances which goes part and parcel with such ambitious endeavors. Also included in Space & Ocean Exploration is a plan to ban industrial fishing in international waters to allow the fish stocks of major marine predators like sharks, tuna and whales to replenish before the ocean ecosystems collapse. This will give the U.S. Navy a new mission, this within the context of diverting defense funds for ocean research, to enforce with assistance from other national maritime military forces.

A Global High Seas Marine Preserve to implement the industrial fishing ban, put forth in the book, is now a non-profit organization running a multi-pronged campaign to make that a reality along while also educating the public on the need to demand and only purchase seafood products from sustainable sources.   

Table of Contents of Space & Ocean Exploration

Part I: Why We Fight: Our Economic Model and American Imperialism

Chapter 1: Journey Through the War Factory
Chapter 2: Don’t Blame the Military for the Military-Industrial Complex
Chapter 3: A New Role for the World’s Military

Part II: Economics and Exploration

Chapter 4: Exploration, Immigration and Population Growth
Chapter 5: American Exploration and Protection of the Oceans
Chapter 6: The Law of the Seas
Chapter 7: It’s Always Been Dangerous

Part III: Oceans, Planets and Economics

Chapter 8: The Benefits of Space and Ocean Exploration
Chapter 9: Do Plants and Animals Have Souls
Chapter 10: Planets, Oceans and a Defense Contractor
Chapter 11: New Kids on the Block
Chapter 12: The Global High Seas Marine Reserve
Chapter 13: Young People Can Save the World
Chapter 14: A Future That Works

Conclusion and Index

Previous Books by Danny Quintana

Caught in the Middle: Stories of Hispanic Migration and Solutions to America's Immigration Dilemma

Caught in the Middle: Stories of Hispanic Migration and Solutions to America’s Immigration Dilemma is the story of the post-World War II Hispanic migration from the agricultural communities of northern New Mexico, southern Colorado and old Mexico. The stories give voice to those who made the journey. They experienced this exodus from their rural country homes for the hustle and bustle and economic opportunities of the cities.

This migration, like others throughout history, occurred for many reasons, but the primary drivers were employment, education and excitement. Farm jobs were in short supply to support returning soldiers and their new brides after World War II. When the boys had been to Paris and New York, life in the country seemed a bit slower. There was little opportunity for higher education in America’s rural communities. The city offered their children more opportunity than existed back home.

Overcoming Adversity: Adventures in Wheelchair Tennis by Danny Quintana

Overcoming Adversity: Adventures in Wheelchair Tennis is the result of interviews with all of the top wheelchair tennis players in the world over a five year period. I was also fortunate enough to interview American legend Stan Smith. He was not only number one in the world, today he is a great instructor and manages his Smith-Sterns Tennis AcademyThe book is also about delivering wheelchairs to people with disabilities in poor countries.

Success also has obligations. If life has blessed you with abundance you have a moral obligation to help others. Give something back, don’t just take. The prayer is “give us this day our daily bread.” It is not the Wall Street prayer, “give me everything and screw everyone else including the environment.”

Hunting___Gathering_Cover2.1Hunting and Gathering: An Urban Youth Survival GuideAlthough he speaks directly to our Native American population, Danny Quintana is concerned about the choices we all must make to ensure emotional and financial survival. He offers a provocative yet thoughtful blueprint for dealing with the modern world’s challenges.

Surviving and prospering financially and emotionally in today’s complex and competitive world requires the kind of courage that Indian warriors displayed in the last century. Today’s warriors-Indian and non-Indian both-must make certain choices about our environment.